Corporate website trend: From channel to canvas

Summary: Moving ‘from text to active content’ is the third corporate website trend we identified. This post is part of a series of blog posts in which we look at trends for corporate websites. When companies started to flock to the WWW things were simple. They set up their corporate Continue Reading

From traditional business to social business

When businesses ask for a social media strategy, what they are often really asking for is: Get me a presence on Facebook, Twitter and the like. The mantra of cultural and organisational change that is required in the social web seems to ring hollow. To be fair, it is not their fault. Continue Reading

From the local village to the global village and back

[ I originally published this post on the Headshift blog in 2009. ] Over the past decades we have seen the world becoming smaller and smaller thanks to new technologies. Location has almost become irrelevant when it comes to communicating, collaborating and connecting with other people. If I want to see someone Continue Reading

Manage, and you may survive! Facilitate, and you may thrive!

social business

[ I originally published this post on the Headshift blog in 2009. ] Recently I went to see an organization, and a good while into a very pleasant conversation I was asked: ‘Will we (organization) become obsolete in ten years’? What a daunting question! What had happened? The organization has about 1000 Continue Reading